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SCDC(South Carolina Dept of Corrections) says some ‘problematic inmates’ have been moved to a private prison in Mississippi
by Tonya BrownThis Just in:

Florence County, S.C. (WPDE) —
More than 40 problematic inmates in South Carolina state prisons have been transferred to a prison in Mississippi, accordinnllg to Dexter Lee with the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) Communications Office.

Lee released the following statement:

“SCDC transferred 48 problematic inmates out of state to help improve the safety and security of our institutions. These inmates were transferred to Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Tutwiler, Mississippi. This institution is operated by CoreCivic. Due to security reasons the appropriate inmate’s family members were notified today regarding their transfer. The agency will periodically review each inmates’ status to determine if a transfer back to South Carolina is justified.”

Several families reached out to us saying their loved ones in state prisons had been moved and they weren’t sure where to or why.

One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her boyfriend was abruptly moved from his prison cell Monday night and taken to Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia and then off to Mississippi.

She said she feels as if it violates the rights of her boyfriend, but she doesn’t know what she can do.

Another woman said her son has been transferred as well. She worries about being able to visit him now that he’s more than 11 hours away.

The families believe SCDC has taken the action in response to the deadly riot back on April 15 at Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville where seven inmates died and 22 others were badly hurt.

They said their loved ones had nothing to do with the riot and shouldn’t be moved because of it.

The families said they’ve been told their loved ones will serve the remainder of their prison sentence at the private prison in Mississippi.

The 48 inmates trasfered to CoreCivic are:

Quanti Burch SCDC # 347808
Randy Clark SCDC # 173904
Kenneth Harris SCDC # 217406
Eric Ancrum SCDC # 265645
William Lee SCDC #313779
Christopher Moore SCDC # 368837
Raphael Pontoo SCDC # 362840
Lakiem Butler SCDC # 341990
Lionel McRae SCDC # 278898
Kimjaro Pressley SCDC # 299377
Corey Williams SCDC # 314346
Anthony Pyatt SCDC # 266804
Eric Samson SCDC # 349293
Franklin Pyatt SCDC # 351670
Robyn Dukes SCDC # 237386
Dexter Lawrence SCDC # 318821
James Baxley SCDC # 294470
Stephen Green SCDC # 259765
Damon Scott SCDC #364849
Damekia Martin SCDC # 361950
Andre Cureton SCDC # 334906
Ryan Brooks SCDC # 291345
Keonakamer Postell SCDC # 264242
Brandon Barksdale SCDC # 365114
Antonio Blakley SCDC # 345559
Vincent Rice SCDC # 316178
Darnell Khan SCDC # 330148
Clinton McCallum SCDC #305003
Jacoby Fields SCDC # 349115
Bilal Harris SCDC # 337367
Ronald Downs SCDC # 356640
Robert Gaines SCDC # 240407
Stanley Oliver SCDC # 192110
Andre Massey SCDC # 229492
Octavious McCormick SCDC # 215400
Clyde Williams SCDC # 336038
Bryan Brown SCDC # 228846
Korrell Battle SCDC # 292294
Joseph Dickerson SCDC #86877
Jerry Bynum SCDC # 284966
Jimmy Gagum, Jr. SCDC #349075
Roderickus Bell SCDC # 293109
Warren Russell SCDC # 316802
Cichey Mayo SCDC # 284692
Jadorie Kirkland SCDC #363469
Terry Hamby SCDC # 353487
Zach Bentley SCDC # 349088
Desmond Postell SCDC #373354

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